Stay Motivated to Eat Healthy Workbook


Have you ever started a diet or weight loss plan, only to lose motivation after a week?


Do you know how to eat healthy, but don’t even have the motivation to start?

You are not alone. Many people struggle with motivation to change eating habits.

This workbook was made for you. You will discover how to stay motivated to eat healthy and create a detailed plan to start changing your eating habits.

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Many people struggle to stay motivated to eat healthy. This is because most people miss the fact that long-lasting motivation comes from within. It’s something you really have to be mindful about. This means before you ever try to change an eating habit or start exercising, you need to be mentally prepared. You have to invest some time thinking about it before you do it.

This printable workbook will help you take time to think through 5 key steps to building and keeping motivation to eat healthy. As part of learning how to stay motivated, you will create a detailed plan to start changing your eating habits.

Here are the 5 key steps in this workbook:

Step 1: Know What Needs to Change
Step 2: Know Why Itโ€™s Important
Step 3: The Power of Positivity
Step 4: Believe In Yourself
Step 5: Set Up Accountability and Make an Action Plan

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motivation to eat healthy workbook


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